Love, Lucy by Lucille Ball


Written by Lucille herself (with an added introduction of how her autobiography was found), this is a legitimate story of her life.

On a 5 star rating- 5 STARS

She does a great job explaining everything from her childhood, her teen years, young adult years, her married and divorced years, and her motherly years. As I read, I could actually visualize little tomboy Lucy. I could see where she grew up. I felt the love and awkwardness from her young self. She tells you very vividly about the way she was raised and how she grew up. I honestly did not really expect that much of her childhood to be included in the book. I assumed it would mostly be about her glamour life with some rough patches, but I was very glad that it goes deeper. She goes just as deep with every stage of her life. She writes about everything! Her family and their lifestyle, who she looked up to, her friends, financial struggles, her glamorous life, her homes, her films, her stage performances, her health. Everything. There are even tons of photographs of little Lucy and her family, teen/young adult Lucy on stage or with friends or with important people in the entertainment industry, her husbands, her babies (I think, if I’m remembering correctly), pictures from vacations, and others of that sort.

I quickly became so interested in her life because… LUCILLE BALL. Need I say more? She was more than a beautiful comedian. She cared about so much more than Hollywood, though she had made a big impact on Hollywood that I don’t think many people realize. You should definitely read about it to find out because she was such a bad ass and quite professional through it. I certainly came out of this book having  much more respect for her than I thought I might. I don’t know when, soon or not soon, but I feel like I will end up reading this again. And I don’t re-read books very often. Great read. Kudos, Lucy.


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