The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer


Happy Valentine’s Day! And this is what my morning looked like 🙂 I hope everyone had/is having an AWESOME celebration.

It worked out so well that last night I happened to finish an exciting romance series. This story has got a lot of love, friendship, and character growth in the midst of a mission to dethrone a false queen of Luna. By who? A cyborg Cinderella and a few of her friends; who are also altered fairy tale characters.

On a 5 star rating: 5 STARS

This is a tween/young adult read (though as a full grown adult I still enjoyed it very much). There were some scenes that I felt were described and worded too “cheese-ily ” for adults, but it did not matter because the kind of romance that I read about with all the main characters was the type of feeling I used to dream about as a young girl. I felt the butterflies and the nerves the characters got and I’ll admit that at some scenes I GOT ENVIOUS! Lol. As silly as that sounds. Teen-me would have loved to come across a dangerous wolf soldier for me to save and he save me in return. Or a respectful and charming young prince. Or a funny, flirtatious, and sweet spaceship pilot. Those are the kinds of characters young girls definitely daydream about. At least I did. And I think that is exactly one of the reasons why young girls will love this series.

Another reason, the story had quite a bit going on. It is not quite “action-packed”, but it had just enough to keep me interested. It also had great twists and connections to the fairy tale characters. It is always interesting to see how someone will connect everyone and have it make sense. I really loved the ways Marissa would end her chapters. She definitely has a knack for leaving a reader all “oh, snap!” or “aHA!” and all “oooh, I see what you did there” all as I am smirking at the book. When I first decided I wanted to read this series I did not think about whether or not there would be romance. It had not crossed my mind at all, really. So when I started, I got sort of worried about how much “cheese” there would be. Some people don’t care for romance, some are all for it, and some will not mind. I did not mind. It was not all romance, so that was enough for me. I enjoyed reading this. It was really a fun journey to me. I was a perfectly satisfied reader 🙂


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