Happy birthday, kid.

So, this is not book-related, but it is fun 🙂

Yesterday, February 25, 2016, was my son’s 6th birthday. Since he was 4 years old I began this “tradition” of photographing him in a fun and creative way and I just wanted to share.


“Birthday Blowout”

“Party Animals”

“Van’s Big 6”

These were ALL super fun to do. And by “super fun” I really mean “Ugh, we gotta hurry up and DO something before the day is ended and your birthday is overrr!”. It’s always ALWAYS the end result that is the fun part, lol. To me as well as to my son.

This latest one was so cool. It was seriously a last minute idea, so I was so glad it turned out pretty decent. I want to keep this up for as long as we can. That definitely includes his teen and adult years. I want him to grow up seeing this as a special birthday tradition. Who knows, maybe he will want to do ideas of his own. Or maybe he will grow up to continue to do his own self birthday portraits on his own. I would not mind that at all! That would make me incredibly happy! I know I am thinking far ahead into our futures, but time is FLYING. Before I know it he’ll be 10. And then 13. And then 16. And then 18!

Anyway, I better sign off now before I start feeling things. I had enough of that yesterday.

Happy birthday to my son, Van! The sweetest kid ever!


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