N0S4A2 by Joe Hill

20160303_101227[1]Good morning, everyone! I want to first mention that I am, this very second, listening to The Lonely Island and it is putting me in a very awesome mood, lol. It’s been a while since I gave them any attention and they are just brightening my day! Random tip: Start your day with music that will put you in a great mood and just go with that flow! Hope everyone has a great day today 🙂

Ok. So…. On a five star rating- 5 STARS all the way! (I wish I had read this in December.)

(The actual word is a German word for vampire.) Ok, so there is a man who can get away from the real world and into his own head. Imagination. He imagines up a land called Christmasland and he brings children there! Fun, right? Not really. He is a bad guy. He kidnaps them to “give them a better life”. For those he thinks need a better and happier life. He also kidnaps them for his own gains. And then there is a woman. She has sort of the same kind of ability. The bad man kid naps her kid and she uses her ability to get him back.

That is basically it, but there is SO MUCH MORE going on. The man has got his vehicle and the woman her bike(s). You must read to learn what they can do with it. I felt that there were no “fillers which means every page is important and/or interesting. This is a very awesome, creative, and imaginative story. It gets sad and freaky and bloody. The characters are wicked, scary, strong, and badass. I believe I had a bad dream/nightmare a night or two after I began reading this, lol. And then again about two days later, haha. The flow of the book was great. It all went smoothly. I did not get bored at any parts, I did not feel for a second that the story was dragging. Very interesting and exciting read. JUST READ IT, lol.



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