The Wheel of Time (series so far) by Robert Jordan


On a five star rating- 4 STARS, though I love the story!

(Plot summary c&p from Wiki)  An Aes Sedai, Moiraine, and her Warder Lan, arrive in the village of Emond’s Field, secretly aware that servants of the Dark One are searching for a young man living in the area. Moiraine is unable to determine which of three youths (Rand al’Thor, Matrim Cauthon, or Perrin Aybara) is the Dragon Reborn, and leads all three of them from the Two Rivers, along with their friend Egwene al’Vere. Nynaeve al’Meara, the village wise-woman, later joins them. Gleeman Thom Merrilin also travels with the group. The first novel depicts their flight from various agents of the Shadow and their attempts to reach the Aes Sedai city of Tar Valon. Thereafter the protagonists are frequently split into different groups and pursue different missions toward the cause of the Dragon Reborn, sometimes thousands of miles apart. As they struggle to unite the various kingdoms against the Dark One’s forces, their task is complicated by rulers of the nations who refuse to lose their autonomy; by the zealots styling themselves ‘the Children of the Light’, who do not believe in the prophecies; and by the Seanchan, the descendants of a long-lost colony of Artur Hawkwing‘s empire. The Aes Sedai also become divided on how to deal with the Dragon Reborn.

The reason I give it 4 stars is because firstly, I am only on the 6th book out of… I think out of 12, and I stopped in the middle of it (quite a while ago). The book is so detailed which gives you great visuals and feelings throughout, but sometimes I feel like that’s what I read more than the actual story and action. This is not the first time I had to stop in the middle of reading the series. Maybe one other time during the third book. Something like that. Every now and then I would feel bored waiting for action. Now, understand that everyone will react differently. Not everyone is in a hurry for action, however, I do enjoy stories that are very detailed. It shows that the author gave great thought and effort into their “Imagination Land”.

The Wheel of Time has MANY characters. So many different KINDS of characters. A lot with many different special abilities. You will also come across some humor, romances, friendship-building as well as disintegration. It is not a gory or inappropriate sort of book, so it is suitable for a younger group of bookworms who might be able to handle it.

I hope my thoughts do not discourage anyone from reading this. I love the story and I absolutely will continue with this series.


2 thoughts on “The Wheel of Time (series so far) by Robert Jordan

    • Thank you! I can’t wait to finish it. I know there’s been talk of making this a t.v. show. If they do make a show of it i’d love to finish before that happens.

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