Forever, You: The Story of Why I Love You by Courtney Dercqu



On a five star rating: 5 STARS

“…but all this time later, all I’ve come to know about that night is you were a fool just like me.” We are all fools when we’re in love, are we not? To quote Disney’s Hercules, “People do crazy things when they’re in love.” (I think they’re on to something…)

Brace yourselves for a sweet and beautiful ride through this story. A true love story of and by my dear friend Courtney and the amazing and wonderful man she fell hard for.

For Valentine’s Day she had a perfect idea to surprise him with a short book about her love for him; the whys and hows. She talks about how they met, what she felt when she first saw him, their first date, first kiss, moving in together, etc. She uses beautiful metaphors and clever plays on words in hopes we could understand what she feels for this man. She tries, and yet, unless you are or have been TRULY in love… You see where I’m going with this, right? Ok, good. Beware and read with caution. As you’re reading, don’t fall in love with The Man In The Book (it will be hard not to). HE IS QUITE SPOKEN FOR! And already with his One and Only.

“I fall in love with you during small moments we don’t share with the world.” I mean, who in love or falling in love can not relate to those moments? It’s so true. It’s definitely true about me with my husband.

I am not big on romantic reads, but Forever, You is absolutely adorable. Think about this book for a lonely friend next Valentine’s day (or just any random day for anyone who is a sucker for romance) and lift their spirits for their search for love.

Go get your copy, feel the love, and you’re welcome.


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