Do you judge books by their covers?

Because I DO!

I definitely love and appreciate a good cover art. Some are just downright clever, some are beautiful photography, some are simplistic drawings that speak volumes.


I believe I have mentioned before that I love photography. The type I have a lot of fun doing is a more artistic kind. And the image here, Paper Weight, is such a fun idea that I would have loved to work with as a photograph. It’s just cute, brilliant for the book title, and I don’t know about you, but it gives me a feel-good vibe.

Paper Weight caught my eye while in the book store last week looking for the second book to The 5th Wave. And because I liked the cover so much, I might want to eventually go back to get it and read it some time. Of course I would have to read what the story will be about and hope I can get into it, lol. I can be a bit picky about what I display on my shelf, so I hope I really like the story. ORRR, if I could get the cover blown up and printed as a poster it would make a great wall art in my house!!

Anyway, I just love looking at cover arts while book browsing. It’s just fun and so inviting to the eye and before even knowing what a book is about, my mind will sort of go wild trying to imagine what the stories are. Know what I mean?

Now, I know I am not the only bookworm to feel this way. Feel free to share some of your favorite cover art. Or any that you’d like to have hanging in your house! I’d love to check them out.


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