The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom


So I had read this maybe a couple years ago and it was absolutely a great read. Other than the fact that it’s by Mitch-freaking-Albom, reading the back of the book (what the story is about) pretty much immediately caught my attention.

“The inventor of the world’s first clock is punished for trying to measure God’s greatest gift. He is banished to a cave for eternity, to hear the voices of all who come after him seeking more time.”

“To redeem himself, he teaches two earthly people–a troubled girl and a dying billionaire–the true meaning of time.”

If you are familiar with this author’s books you will definitely learn a lesson. The Time Keeper, as well a his other books (I think I have read all ones before this and will continue to read his newer and future books) are totally uplifting, positive, and feel-good stories. I love the feeling they give me. At the end of his books I feel at peace with my life and appreciate what and who I have. (Is that silly? Lol.)

On a 5 star rating- 5 STARS, of course šŸ™‚

Read this if you need a little reminder of what precious time really is. Or read it just because. Or gift it!


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