New Books and Bookmark


I LOVE SHOPPING. Who doesn’t? I almost never buy more than one book for myself at once. So… this is rare and exciting, lol.

I love shopping for books and book things. I intended to get just ONE book then I’m out. The third book to a series I am finishing up, but I learned that it doesn’t come out for another couple months. Oh, and the things that were on sale were RIGHT AT THE ENTRANCE. Don’t you just love and hate that? Like, hello! I don’t need these things, but I couldn’t help but look at literally everything in that section. Anyway, I purchased Neverwhere (been on my list for quite some time) and Ready, Player One (recommended to me by a friend). When I saw both I just had to have them.

And Rue21 is right across the bookstore in that mall! It’s like a cruel joke. I walked out of Books-A-Million and stoppped, looked at Rue21, took another couple steps, stopped, and finally said “fuck it and fuck me”. I have been spending quite a bit lately preparing for my husband’s homecoming (he’s coming back from deployment in just a few days!) and so I keep telling myself I won’t spend anymore, but *shrugs shoulders*.

And my bookmark. SO IN LOVE WITH IT. So me.

Anywho, the start of my day was obviously quite lovely. I think i’ll read Ready, Player One first. Today and the next few days to come will be pretty busy, but I am certainly going to make time for it!


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