Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


On a 5 star rating- 5 STARS

This book was quite a ride. Quite an “adventure”  😉

Takes place in the future. Over population. A sad grey world. Much of the population escape into a video game. Their avatars can do anything you can in the real world and more, of course. To many, the Oasis, a virtual world, IS their real world.

When the creator of the Oasis, a billionaire who spent most of his life playing video games and watching classic nerdy and geeky cinema, passed away, a video was released to the whole world announcing a life changing video game contest. He had hidden “Easter eggs” throughout the game. THE WINNER GETS HIS FORTUNE.

Then there’s this rich company that is willing to do ANYTHING to win the game (win all that dope a$$ money), so they play dirty. Players worry about losing the integrity of the game, so they do something about it (insert cool shades-wearing guy).

After having read just the prologue I was like, “dayuuuuum!”. It got me pumped immediately. Lots of “*cool voice* oh ya/take that” moments. Tons of 80’s references, too. This is a great read for nostalgia. Great for gamers. Great for anyone who loves reading of adventure and heroism. There’s friendship, honor, and a bit of romance. I could read this again.







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