Ever scavenge through your parents’ old books?

Killing Mr. Griffin

Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan.

I was either a freshman or a sophomore in high school when I found a big black trunk in my mom’s bedroom. I had always known it was full of old books, such as a crap ton of Nora Roberts romance novels, a crap ton of The Babysitter’s Club, and… that’s mostly what I remember. Probably some children’s books, too (from when I was little). I read a few of the Babysitter’s Club and probably not even in order, lol. And I probably never finished one. Back then, I didn’t read the way I do now. I liked reading, but I never really noticed (if that makes any sense). I was never “gotta have more books, gotta get this one and that, gotta keep a book on me always” like I have been for like 5 years now. No, back then, I would just pick up whatever I found and if it interested me, then good. If it didn’t, then it wasn’t a big deal. I’d watch t.v. or something.

But this little treasure, Killing Mr. Griffin, was an interesting one. I’ve only read it once (back then) and never have again, so the plot is a bit fuzzy to me now, but I do remember that I really liked and enjoyed it. And that is why I have it now! Moving out of my parents’ place I guess I just sorta “stole” it, lol. I think this is the only book I took from my mom (originally it’s one of my mom’s sister’s books; it’s got her name in it; and I guess at some point in time my mom “stole” it from her, lol). But that’s what I like. When a book can be passed on over the years and still be enjoyed. I would certainly pass this on to someone I know who would like this story, but now it’s got sentimentality. I would like to re-read this some time. Maybe as a quick weekend read. It will be nice to remember what exactly I liked about this book, lol.

I wonder if that happens often; scoring a good read unexpectedly while bored-ly browsing your parents’ collection of books. If that’s happened to you I’d love to know the title(s) and look it up 🙂



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