Creating Book Cover Art Looks Fun


“Social Butterfly”


For some time now I have been wanting to give a go at making awesome cover art for books (stories to MY interest, mainly). And lately, I have been doing a lot of my own writing and drawing for my own personal projects. Neither is in my forte (it’s been a great hobby to keep my mind busy), but I do what I can and I make and write what I like. Photography is mostly my thing. I am self-taught and have learned so much on my own (on Photoshop). Anyway, if any of my works become a solid thing I know I would be making my own cover! It’s just exciting to think about.

The image above is one of my personal favorites. I also know this to be a favorite to some friends and acquaintances of mine. This was done a couple years ago. Somewhere around there. I haven’t been doing much photography lately. I have been extremely preoccupied with bookish things. But lately I have been wanting a photography project to work on. I miss it! But, you know, you can’t (or I can’t) just dive right into it. I need some inspiration and an idea, lol.

So, to some new (or not new) writers out there trying to get a book out I’d love to see if I can make good cover art for you. I would love to have a project to work on. If my art doesn’t speak to you or your book, then… consider it fan art! I’m sure I’d have had fun with it either way!

Anyway, just thought this would be a fun topic. If you have ever created a cover art for a book before, I’d LOOOVE to see it. Also to check out the book. I think the idea of seeing your very own work out there, in collaboration with a good author or a fun story, is just AWESOME.



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