Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman


On a 5 star rating- 4 STARS!

London Below is an absolute mystery to Richard Mayhew. London Below is where people go when they “fall through the cracks” of the real world or London Above. It is a whole new wild and interesting world to people who… don’t exist? On this accidental adventure, one he comes upon when trying to help a bloodied girl in London Above, he meets some interesting characters. Good and evil. And the bloodied girl he helped in London Above, he helps her some more in London Below.

Their journey is quite interesting, but I feel like with the world that was created it could have been better. I quite liked the whole idea of London Below and feel like more could have and should have happened. Same goes with the acts of heroism and villain-ism. Maybe that’s just me wanting more as a reader, but definitely more thought was put to the imaginative world. The villains were written pretty awesomely. I wish they did more. Same with Hunter, a fighter. Same goes for it’s other people and non-people! I was wanting to know more about the different beings and their eccentricities and more about their ways of living. I wouldn’t mind one bit if this story becomes continued in another novel 😉

More happens closer to the end and it got more exciting. Figuratively speaking, I was more awake in those parts. And the ending was very good. I finished with a smile on my face.  I do wish more happened throughout. Like, ALL throughout. But overall, I am glad I finally read this. I have had this on my reading list for a while before and now I can happily check it off my list 🙂


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