Audible Review/My Soul To Keep by Rachel Vincent

Audible Review/My Soul To Keep by Rachel Vincent

Narrated by Amanda Ronconi

To be honest, I never cared for e-books and audio books. I like that book store experience when making purchases. I very much appreciate the real thing, but you know what? Tonight I can truly say that I had a nice experience with Audible. It was pretty relaxing and I was able to do more than one thing. “Read” and chores.

I give Audible a solid 4 stars out of 4 stars! This is my first time listening to an audio book and I enjoyed it all the way through! My views of audio books (as well as e-books) have totally turned. I was able to “read” and make dinner for my family and straighten up the house and use the toilet (sorry if that is TMI, lol). I had such freedom! Also, I do feel like I will be using Audible a lot for long car rides.

I do plan on keeping and using Audible. It is an awesome app to have. This being my first time “reading” like this and not having any sort of problem or confusion using it, I don’t see why I need to try out anything else out there. I have friends who also like to read, yet never have the time to sit down and pick up a book, but I think I just solved that problem. I will be suggesting they get Audible.

The narrator, Amanda Ronconi, has an EXCELLENT voice for audio books. It was soothing, smooth, and expressive just enough. That is one thing I was grateful for. Another is the soft music at the beginning and end. I started with a “Ooh, that is nice and gets my mood ready for what might come” and then a “Man, I hope it doesn’t play this all the way through”. And it didn’t. It was prefect for the beginning and end and I hope all of their audio books do that.

So, my overall experience with Audible was fantastic. It has opened my eyes and mind to more than just hard copies. In fact, I have a road trip coming up in the next couple weeks and I will be using it to and back. I plan on keeping it on my phone. I do recommend Audible to my fellow bookworms. And I am glad I was able to “read” the whole thing in about 3 hours!


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