Isabella’s Big Adventure by Thuyen Nguyen


I want to start off by complimenting the illustrator, Poohpuu. I am absolutely in love with the art style. It is very cute and matches perfectly to the cute story.

On a 5-star rating: 5 stars

I find it important for children to have an awesome and child-like imagination. This character, Isabella, has a great skill of storytelling. I would love to see more children tell outrageous and fun stories like hers. I would totally purchase a couple of copies for a few young girls I know in hopes that they will take that idea and fly with it.

Isabella’s adventures were so random! And it was fantastic. My favorite part, though, was the line at the end. I rather not quote it and spoil anything, so I am just going to suggest you get a copy of Isabella’s Big Adventures if you get curious enough.

And I can’t get over the cover art. I want to blow it up in size and frame it and gift it to somebody! In my overall opinion, the story and art were good. It is a very short book, but I suppose a good length for little kids starting off to read whole books.You’ll come across a few big words, such as “pantomime” and “opportunity”, but hey, then and there they can learn those big words; What they mean and how to read/pronounce them. It is ALWAYS a win when children come out of a book having learned at least 1 new thing.

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