Subway Book Review! Check ’em out!

subway book reviews[Image from Subway Book Review’s Instagram page]

So, I just came across this awesome Instagram page moments ago and I just HAVE TO SHARE.

I don’t know who and how many people run the page or if they are journalists or anything, but I guess they sort of interview people they see reading, or who have books on them, about those books. They get a quick pic of the reader with their book (you’ll see some stylish people on there!) Some of you may be familiar with HONY (Humans of New York) and what Subway Book Review does is something similar. Where HONY gets insight on the lives of strangers, SBR gets insight on strangers’ reading material and how they like it.

I am absolutely in love with this idea. I was immediately captivated by their posts. I had already found myself making a list of books that I want to get in the future.

Dinner by Cesar Aira Dinner by Cesar Aira [the following is a c&p from SBR quoting the interviewed]

“Although the book looks really pretty and pink it’s about zombies. It starts with a man in his sixties having dinner with his friend and his mother. This friend shows them this giant doll – you can’t tell there’s something strange about it. The cover made me feel like it was a contemporary story and when I read the description I was sold. This year I’ve been doing this thing were I read a book a month and it’s making me more open to read about topics I usually wouldn’t immediately pick. It has definitely made me more curious.”


Follow them on Instagram:

They are probably on Facebook and Youtube as well. I have not explored them too much yet as I pretty much immediately started blogging about them once I decided I love them.

Anyway, have fun exploring and enjoying their posts!



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