Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill


Red is my game.

4 out of 5 stars

Let me begin by explaining the 4 stars. My first book from Joe Hill was N0S4A2 and I absolutely loved it. Since it was so creatively writ I guess I had big expectations for Heart-Shaped Box. Now, while Heart-Shaped Box was still a GREAT read (Joe Hill writes his characters with such interesting problems, issues, situations, etc.) it lacked action ONLY COMPARED TO N0S4A2.

I love ghost stories. I love ghost (hunting) shows. Sometimes I believe it and other times I don’t. So, this being about a haunting I was definitely intrigued. This is about a man who buys a ghost. YES, A GHOST. The woman mails the deceased’s suit to the man… buy his suit, get his ghost… and once he gets it he and his for-now girlfriend begin to feel the haunting. They are haunted. Why are they being haunted? Read to find out šŸ™‚

The overall story was good. The ending was really nice. I was interested the whole way through, but not as awesome as N0S4A2 šŸ˜‰


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