June by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore


5 out of 5 stars

Wow. I have never read such a heartbreaking-ly wonderful love story.

My heart ACHED for these characters. For the love they wanted, but could not have. I still do not understand the stubborn-ness, though. I know other readers might be thinking the same outsider-opinion as me, “JUST JUMP INTO THE RELATIONSHIP AND BE HAPPY!”.

I am not sure how else to describe how I feel about this book in words. I just ached. I wanted to shake the characters by their shoulders and tell them to just imagine what a worry-free life they would have if they would just follow their hearts.

I also loved the way the author jumped back and forth from present day to the past. It was flawless and smooth.

When I first started reading it I was not sure what to make of it. It did not at all start off bad, but I was just trying to guess where and how exactly it was going to lead to “interesting” as a love story and it’s secrecy. Boy, did the secrets get interesting. In the beginning, I read with a simple purpose of “let’s get this book read because I have it” and in the middle of it I had a purpose of “I gotta know!! I GOTTA SOLVE THIS WITH CASSIE!!”. It was an amazing transition of purpose.

Just, wow. By the end, which I finished it just now, I am feeling relief, but at the same time still shaking my head at the characters, lol. Good, GOOD, read.


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