A set of TBRs. Currently reading The Mermaid of Brooklyn.

So, last night I was reading about [book] blog stuff. Advice and such. And one part caught my attention, something that I had not even considered, mainly because I started this blog just as something to kill time, but really got into it. It was questioning the special-ness of your blog. “What makes your blog better or more helpful to advertise new books?”, stuff like that. And I thought, nothing. There IS nothing special about my blog.

SO! I had the bright idea to make my post images a little more fun and interesting to look at.


Do you remember this one? It’s a little more appealing and interesting than my other blog post images, right? I think so.

So, from now on (I have a problem with starting off a sentence with “so”) I am going to TRY to post fun photo manips presenting the books I review, unless I have a regular photo that would already be interesting enough.

Also, doing this will bring me back to one of my other hobbies. Photography, of course.

I hope everyone has an awesome and SAFE weekend ❤


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