Book Review on Hold/Writing In progress

So, I finished Risuko by David Kudler a couple days ago, but I am holding the review until I can create the review image for the post. I can not work on the image because I do not have my camera. I do not have my camera because I am far away from home visiting the in-laws. I did, however, post a review up on Amazon. I am very thankful to Story Cartel for the opportunities of reading new material. I am absolutely enjoying everything! Today is Tuesday. I will be back Friday. I plan on working on the image the moment I can.

I have been working on a story. I intended it to be a children’s illustrative book with a reading level of around… 1st or 2nd grade and up? Something like that. My son is going to be starting 1st grade this year and I would have like to write a short chapter illustrative book. I feel like putting chapters in there would make him feel like he is reading a lot in a couple sittings or so. BUT! I tend to get very detailed and write more and more. Adding descriptions to parts that won’t matter to a child so young. A little bit here and there was all I wanted, but then it became more and more and turned the story longer and longer that now I think I gave up trying to take parts out and just turning it into a YA read, lol. I need to go back and rewrite the parts that I already had illustrations for and fill it up appropriately. I guess. Lol. Oh, but it will be a fun story.

I call it The Origami Mage.


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