Portion of the Sea by Christine Lemmon


5 out of 5 stars

This story is about a young teen who is first presented with a portion of a complete stranger’s journal. The journal is owned by a woman two generations behind her own. She quickly learns that they both have so much in common, such as not being a “proper lady” and wanting to do things that men can do, like ride bicycles and work. Now, when she started this journal, lent to her by a stranger during her family vacation, she was only given a small portion of it. She was to return it once done to get a next portion. It wasn’t until years later that she was able to return it and read more. The girl and the woman who lent her the journal (not owned by her) became very good friends over the years and she reads the journal well into adulthood. She also felt like she was very good friends with the girl the journal belonged to because of all the similarity they’ve had in their lives.

The story concept was pretty excellent. The character has a friend who she has only known through the journal. It time-jumps back to the late 1800s and forward to the 1950s and 1960s. The challenges and life choices that Lydia (main character) were obstacles that Ava (1800s girl, owner of the journal) would mention in her journal. Ava wrote about her family situations, her love life, her dream of being a novelist and more. Lydia, with life being life,  inevitably comes across some similar situations and relies on the journal for advice. It was like the journal was a living and breathing girlfriend. Gal pal. Ava also wrote of her mistakes and Lydia will learn from it.

I got incredible feelings towards both their stories. I felt like I grew with them. Because this goes years from where/when it started I was hoping and wishing for them to come out with happy endings. I also felt for the boys in the story. The love interests. Ugh. My heart.

Such feminine stories are not usually my go-to genre, but I did enjoy this. I do recommend this to anyone who loves a love story, a hopeful story, girl power, and happy and sappy endings. Definitely a book to break out when relaxing. The pace it goes is just right.

Oh, and I’m watching Gilmore Girls. I had to include it in the picture 😛

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