SRC2016 Book Challenge-August!!


A HUGE thanks to Book Sparks for all these goodies for their annual summer reading challenge! This is my first time participating in this (first time learning of it) and I can NOT wait. These covers are all so freaking beautiful and though summer is coming to an end I still feel it through this box alone!

It is unfortunate that when I signed up for the August box I didn’t know how busy I would be. BUT that isn’t going to stop me. I may not have all the time I had before to ATTEMPT all these (five) books within the month (also I got my box on the 10th), but I will do this:

I will read the beginning of each book (a generous portion) and review how I feel about it so far. With that, of course coming back and edit each one after finally having finished them all.

Here is the list: 1. Swear On This Life 2. The Lucidity Project 3. A House for Happy Mothers 4. Perfectly Good Crime 5. Clear to Lift

I read that backs of each one and chose The Lucidity Project to be the first one I read. I must say, I was VERY intrigued just by reading the summary! I am currently on chapter 9 I think I can’t put it down! Though, if I don’t then I might not be able to get through the beginning of the others! WHAT A DILEMMA! THE LUCIDITY PROJECT  is about a young woman who suffers from depression. She is eventually told that no meds are going to help her and is sent to a place that does, well, the lucidity project. It involves a sort of lucid dreaming treatment. She’s met people, and man, what characters! They each have their own “problems” or special abilities”. I am so eager to read more, but I think tomorrow I will give another a go. Perfectly Good Crime sounds interesting 🙂

Anyway, I hope your weekend will be as good as mine sounds right about now!

UPDATE! Perfectly Good Crime: So far, the pace and mystery on this one is quite good. It gives just enough to leave you wanting more. Over three million dollars worth of stuff have been stolen from a luxurious Hollywood mansion. The thieve (or thieves) left no trace of a robbery. No clues. No sign of entry, no fingerprints, and no visual on security cameras. Everyone is stumped and it’s getting good!

I think tomorrow I will start Swear On This or A House For Happy Mothers. Not sure which one yet. Also, I have to admit that yesterday I spent some time on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child :O I had to. I really really had to. Anyway, tomorrow is Friday so once again, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! 🙂

UPDATE! Swear On This Life: I started that some time last week and so far it sort of reminds me of Portion of the Sea. If you read my review on that (which I think is my post before this SRC post) then you’d probably understand a bit more how I am about to explain this… I haven’t gotten too far into Swear On This Life, but the way it reminds me of Portion of the Sea is the back-and-forth scenes of journal and character. In this, it’s a [life changing] book by the character’s best friend’s favorite author. The friend locks herself in her room to read the author’s latest book and came out of it telling her friend (the main character) that she must read it. From what I remember getting from it is that it’s emotional. In a positive way, if I’m remembering correctly. So I can probably expect to read the author’s book while the character is also reading it and “seeing” how it will relate with her life and what she can learn and gain from it. A House for Happy Mothers takes place in India. This Americanized Indian couple goes to India for a visit. While they are there they planned for a baby. Through surrogacy. This is their story of that experience. Along the way you’ll read about others’ experience as they connect with others getting pregnant the surrogacy way. Already I have gotten a picture of the reaction you may get in India when announcing you’re getting a baby through surrogacy or being the surrogate. It’s already opening my eyes to negative and positive opinions about it. This book also seems like it will be an emotional ride. Clear To Lift started pretty fast-paced. the first chapter felt like I was watching a movie. It is about a rescue pilot in… Nevada? She would not have chosen that career path, but I feel like as I read on she might gain some rewarding and fulfilling experience that will change her mind. To anyone who has already read this I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW REACTIONS! I can see myself getting excited as I read on. I’m still very early in the book so no spoilers, please 🙂

I am still sad that this had to be a busy month, but I am glad I got to touch each book and get a sense of what to expect. I am definitely going to go back to The Lucidity Project now and finish that up. I have been eager to get back to that one. And after that the rest is fair game. To anyone who is reading this and also received an August box from Book Sparks I would love to know which one was your favorite.  I would love to do this again next summer.

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