The Sunlight Pilgrims by Jenni Fagan


I’m sad to say that I can not really rate and review this. I have not finished it.

I never got interested in it. It was difficult to continue because I felt like there was something yet nothing happening. Know what I mean? This is actually the first book I have decided to just stop reading. I feel so bad as I know the writer has worked hard on it. I know because I’ve made MANY attempts at a novel and I can’t keep at it. Mostly because the little details get very tedious and I get impatient. And that’s not even half the work (I’m only assuming).

I say I’m quitting on it now, but I feel like I’ll go back and finish it some day. My curiosity will eventually get too strong.

Just for the hell of it, and my curiosity, are there any books you just wouldn’t continue to read?

Thank you, Blogging For Books for another opportunity to read a new, fresh book. I do love this cover art, though.


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