Beauty and the Beast: Lost In A Book by Jennifer Donnelly

On a 5-star rating: 5 STARS

It takes place in the time when Belle is still kept “prisoner”. It mentions some memories that we all remember from the Disney movie. It took me back to when I was a little girl, so yes, I liked this book very much. But then it appeals to bookworms. We love books because we love stories. We love stories because of the excitement/entertainment it gives us. Sometimes we wish that another story could be our own, right? That’s basically what it’s about. She is a “prisoner”, therefore she gets herself LOST IN A BOOK.

It’s wonderfully written, but at times I would forget that this isn’t exactly a story just for grown ups. It’s a story for a younger readers and my young inner self wanted to read it and my adult self was waiting for something more mature and less cheesy. But as for the appropriate age group, it’s great.

I was in such a Beauty and the Beast frenzy what with all the books displayed at bookstores and the movie trailer that I had to do an image in honor of it. HAD TO.

Go get the book for yourself. Read it. Display it. Take pics of it. I love everything about it. Oh! And when you take the dust cover off of the hardback (idk if there is a paperpack but…) it’s a gold/mustard yellow color ❤


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