Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira


5 out of 5 stars!

The thing that captured my intrigue… Well, to be honest, the very first thing was the fact that an article said it was one of Emma Watson’s favorite books, lol. I suppose the second thing was that these letters are directed to famous people. Before I knew what the story was really about I assumed it would be letters to people the character personally knew. But it seemed better that she’s writing to famous people because the readers know some or all of them. We grew up knowing a part of their lives. We felt the shock and sadness when they left this world, so when the character writes her letters in relation to what she goes through in the book, what we feel is genuine.

It begins as an assignment for a class. Then she felt it was too personal. And she liked it. So she kept writing and kept them to herself. She writes to them as a journal. She writes of what is currently going on in her life and what she feels.

Just a journal in letter form to dead people.

If you love being an emotional read then this is the stuff for you.


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