Alone: Orphaned On the Ocean by Tere Duperrault Fassbender and Richard D. Logan


5 out of 5 STARS

A true story. A real experience. A young girl and her family, along with a family friend and his wife, went out on a sailing trip. The girl’s father has wanted this for a long time. Finally, he arranges this trip he’s dreamed of… but it turns into a complete nightmare. Tragedy strikes them all, done by one of the passengers. The young girl is lost at sea for four terrifying days and nights. When finally found, she returns to land and tells a completely different story that people have already been told from the other survivor.

This goes on to describe what the girl went through while alone on the ocean in a little life float; her sunburns, her dehydration, her psyche, her feelings, her thoughts.

It goes further into putting the real story together. It tells of how she’s dealt with it years after being found. It tells of her life after having “moved on” with her life, such as her living situation during the rest of her minor years, her relationships/marriages, friendships, and her kids.

I don’t want to go into detail about her experiences, because my words simply can’t do it justice. The events in this story kept my mind and heart in such a mess for her. I couldn’t help but wonder what my son would do in her situation, and I am so glad that a child could hold on to life so hard and escape all the hardships (for lack of a better word) and survive, physically and mentally! I give so much props to this child.

I can only wish and hope and pray that any child who comes into terrible situations that they would be able to flip a switch in their brain and handle it and take control and fight with everything they have, but that is not what happens to every child. It was so heartbreaking to imagine how scared she must have been. Hungry. Physically and mentally exhausted. Hurt.

Anyway, I read this for a book club thing (the very first book club anything…) and this was the book they chose for May… (it’s not May yet, lol). A little bit of my husband has rubbed off on me over the years and he doesn’t like anything that’ll make him sad. He stays away from that stuff. I have gotten to understand why and strayed away from those things as well (mainly speaking about movies). But it really wakes up your heart. To me, it’s good to feel this way once in a while. It’s almost like a reminder of what’s out there. Bad and unfortunate things happen and it’s crazy that we, the readers, get to go into depth of these real life situations, straight from the “victim”.

This was an absolute mind-gripping read.


5 thoughts on “Alone: Orphaned On the Ocean by Tere Duperrault Fassbender and Richard D. Logan

  1. What a harrowing experience. I can’t imagine what it’s truly like to be in that situation. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful book. 😊 I’ll be reading it soon.


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