5 out of 5 stars

This book is SO UPLIFTING.

Inside is a large compilation of real stories from real people. Personal experiences that really open your eyes and mind as you read. Each story seems to give me the same time of feeling; warmth in my heart and appreciation; yet, they are all unique.

I started this while waiting for another book to come in the mail, so I haven’t finished it yet. But, oh, it really captures your attention. If this is your type of genre, that is. One story so far got me close to crying! But I held onto those tears, lol. (I don’t like things making me cry. That is to include emotional animated movies!)

These [true] stories are so inspirational. Every time I put it down I feel like I walk away a better person. Or wanting to be a better person. I already knew that human beings can be amazing. But THESE human beings are pretty freaking UH-MAZING.

Prepare for your heart to be touched and just read it. This is good if you have some spare time. If you’re waiting in line at the doctor’s office or taking a bath or snuggled in bed and wanting a quick read (oh, ya, these are short stories…).

Would also make a great gift.

Blogging For Books has certainly delivered another great one ❤


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