New Uses for Old Boyfriends by Beth Kendrick


2 out of 5 stars

Let me begin by pointing out that this is just my personal opinion and is not my usual read. I know a few women who would rate this a 5 because it would be exactly their cup of tea. So, because I don’t like chick-flick types of reads I give it a 2. It didn’t disinterest me enough to stop reading, which I have completely stopped reading not even a handful of books, so that’s how I can confidently say that some other girlfriends of mine would totally be into this.

Why this would appeal to women who love chick-flicky stuff: This story is about a woman who gets a divorce (her man left her for another woman) and she moves back to her small childhood town. She has run-ins with ex-boyfriends and for one reason or another she has them doing favors for her and her mother, as they are both trying to get back on their feet.

Here’s what turned me off… it was predictable. I knew exactly where this was going, about how she finds love (again) and whatnot. The drama wasn’t exciting to me and the romance build-up wasn’t original. Now, you could be like how I am when it comes to thrillers or horror stories, which is I don’t care how predictable it gets, so this could still be a good read for you. But not for me. However, I want to point out that her love interest as I know him in my head is absolutely dreamy and wonderful and her mother is fun as hell. Favorite characters. Had to point that out, lol.

Though I wasn’t digging the story, I was absolutely digging this cover. I LOVE blue. I love ties. And I thought it quite clever ❤

Fairest by Marissa Meyer



There is just something about the way Marissa writes her stories. They automatically suck me in. It’s smooth and interesting. I feel like there aren’t much filler parts in all her books I’ve read so far.

This book is about the villain from her series The Lunar Chronicles, my favorite twist of fairytale characters so far. It tells of how Levana became evil. Her backstory. And it was absolutely informative and everything made sense. Everything was good.

I follow a book reviewer on Instagram, her page is called shoutame, I think. She read Cinder, the first book to The Lunar Chronicles, and she didn’t care much for it. I see that people would comment and tell her to give it a chance, she even mentions in one of her YouTube review vids that people would tell he that but figured she would never go back to it so she donated it or something, but it just goes to show that you can’t always trust a review. Sometimes you just have to try it out as see for yourself. (Just to clarify, she is not why I read them. I found it all on my own and loved it all on my own lol.)

It’s a fun series. There is also a book that has the bsckstories for the other main characters. It’s called Stars Above.

Marissa’s writing is awesome. I have been consistently impressed and truly enjoyed them all 🙂

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer



Marissa Meyer. She’s done it again. Captured my full attention and got all mushy-gushy with her characters’ romance. In this, you learn more about the characters that we love in her series, The Lunar Chronicles. How everyone got to where they began in the series. How they all connect from the very beginning. I am so glad for this. It answered questions I didn’t even know I had while reading the series. Without spoiling anything, all I have to say is I enjoyed Stars Above very much. Marissa really knows how to keep a reader consistently intrigued (me, at least). And the ending… 😍 BEAUTIFUL.

I am now going to dive into another book related to The Lunar Chronicles called Fairest.

These books have been on my tbr list since I read her series and I’m finally happy to be reading them 😊

Splintered by A.G. Howard



There was only one thing that I sort of didn’t like about this: the love triangle. I don’t mind a good love triangle, but it was too “high school”  for my taste. BUT this is a YA book, so it is fitting. I just would have liked it to be a little more mature. Mature as in owning up to those feelings. Not as in the love scenes and all that. Anyway, I just had to get that out of the way so I could talk about the fun stuff… 🙂

What I LOVE about this is the story! Yes, so basically I really like this book. I love the background it gave to the Liddell family. In this, the women are supposedly cursed. Cursed with a mental instability. In the real world, they can hear bugs and insects talk to them. It started with Alice but the story is about Alyssa, her great-great-great granddaughter (I think I got that right…). So I like how this was passed on through their generations. So Alyssa is on a mission to go to Wonderland and get rid of the curse.

By the way, I was surprised to know who the love triangle involved. I’ll give you a hint: one of them is from Wonderland 😮🤐 I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, but man… by the end of it I sorta liked it 😏 I’m not in a hurry to complete the series (oh ya, I learned there’s like 2 or 3 more books to it) but I do plan on continuing it.

Food 52. A New Way To Dinner by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs


5 out of 5 stars!

Although I have to be honest and admit that I haven’t tried any of these recipes 🙁 I DO LOVE this book. Everything looks easy enough and I’ve wanted many times to try them out, but it’s just me. I have a problem of NOT wanting to spend money on things I don’t Need because that’s just how I was raised and grew up. My family was always tight on money and I couldn’t get myself to buy ingredients I don’t use all the time for fear of them just going bad.

But anyway, the food photography in here is STUNNING and I really would love them hung up in my kitchen and dining room 😣 The steps are very easy to follow. There are foods for every season of the year! That was a part I admired. If you are a big foodie, unlike me where I am just a big fatty lol, then definitely try this. I guess there was always a true reason why I was never drawn to cookbooks. This is the VERY FIRST cookbook I’ve ever gotten  because I wanted and not because someone gave it to me because they didn’t want it anymore. I do want to do some of these for Easter though. This will probably be my special occasion go-to book for holidays and whatnot (I literally just now thought that up). I’ll make a post about it each time get to it!

But the photographs… 👌 I swear they are just the prettiest❤️

And I know I don’t have to point out that the food look AMAZING, but damn, they look AMAZING.

Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira


5 out of 5 stars!

The thing that captured my intrigue… Well, to be honest, the very first thing was the fact that an article said it was one of Emma Watson’s favorite books, lol. I suppose the second thing was that these letters are directed to famous people. Before I knew what the story was really about I assumed it would be letters to people the character personally knew. But it seemed better that she’s writing to famous people because the readers know some or all of them. We grew up knowing a part of their lives. We felt the shock and sadness when they left this world, so when the character writes her letters in relation to what she goes through in the book, what we feel is genuine.

It begins as an assignment for a class. Then she felt it was too personal. And she liked it. So she kept writing and kept them to herself. She writes to them as a journal. She writes of what is currently going on in her life and what she feels.

Just a journal in letter form to dead people.

If you love being an emotional read then this is the stuff for you.

Beauty and the Beast: Lost In A Book by Jennifer Donnelly

On a 5-star rating: 5 STARS

It takes place in the time when Belle is still kept “prisoner”. It mentions some memories that we all remember from the Disney movie. It took me back to when I was a little girl, so yes, I liked this book very much. But then it appeals to bookworms. We love books because we love stories. We love stories because of the excitement/entertainment it gives us. Sometimes we wish that another story could be our own, right? That’s basically what it’s about. She is a “prisoner”, therefore she gets herself LOST IN A BOOK.

It’s wonderfully written, but at times I would forget that this isn’t exactly a story just for grown ups. It’s a story for a younger readers and my young inner self wanted to read it and my adult self was waiting for something more mature and less cheesy. But as for the appropriate age group, it’s great.

I was in such a Beauty and the Beast frenzy what with all the books displayed at bookstores and the movie trailer that I had to do an image in honor of it. HAD TO.

Go get the book for yourself. Read it. Display it. Take pics of it. I love everything about it. Oh! And when you take the dust cover off of the hardback (idk if there is a paperpack but…) it’s a gold/mustard yellow color ❤