The Darkest Light by Ashley Earley/ Fortunately, the Milk… by Neil Gaiman


THE DARKEST LIGHT: 3 out of 5 stars!

For being Ashley Earley’s first published book it was good! What intrigued me to read this BEFORE her latest book, Alone In Paris (which is one of the books I plan to read this month, June) was that there was magic in it. The main character comes from two worlds: the world we live in and a world where a pure human will not find without the help of a magical being. Where there is a magical world, there are magical creatures. I was excited about that, except I felt like she wasn’t taking advantage of that. It could have been better in terms of battle scenes and grand landscapes and involvement with other magical beings and creatures, but I still was able to picture it all in my head as if I was watching a movie, which was a big plus. Now, where romance is involved, she’s got a real knack for that. My FAVORITE part and probably the only part that really touched me was the end where she discovers another love interest that could have been. Honestly, I had been waiting for that the whole way through and when I finally got it I was like “OOOH!!” *blushing* lol. THAT was a good part.

There were parts that seemed pretty repetitive and I thought I was reading a page over again. I don’t know what was up with that, I think she was just trying to get the characters’ points across, but it would confuse me whenever I would take a break from reading and then pick it up again. Or maybe it’s just me.

But overall, what I got from this is that she probably dreams of romance in the sweetest ways. And I can’t wait to get to Alone In Paris. Romance just might be her niche.


Fortunately, the Milk…: 5 out of 5 stars!! 

Oh, boy, where do I start…

I bought this book for my son quite a while ago hoping he’d read it on his own, which he never did (he was 6 at the time and now 7), so I started reading this to him at bedtime because I sort of really wanted to read this myself ( I LOVE NEIL GAIMAN), lol. So I’m reading, reading, reading, and my son and I got SO INTO IT! It is now one of his favorite books and one of my favorite books to recommend to my friends whether or not they have children.

It’s about a father. His kids tell him they need milk for their cereal, so he goes out for a walk to pick some up. The kids express that he is taking forever and when he finally comes back he’s got a good reason for it. AND THUS HIS STORY OF WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO HIM WHILE OUT GETTING THE MILK BEGINS!

They are quite exciting, funny, silly, and most impossible stories! My son has less than a handful of favorite books and this just made the list.


Book Review on Hold/Writing In progress

So, I finished Risuko by David Kudler a couple days ago, but I am holding the review until I can create the review image for the post. I can not work on the image because I do not have my camera. I do not have my camera because I am far away from home visiting the in-laws. I did, however, post a review up on Amazon. I am very thankful to Story Cartel for the opportunities of reading new material. I am absolutely enjoying everything! Today is Tuesday. I will be back Friday. I plan on working on the image the moment I can.

I have been working on a story. I intended it to be a children’s illustrative book with a reading level of around… 1st or 2nd grade and up? Something like that. My son is going to be starting 1st grade this year and I would have like to write a short chapter illustrative book. I feel like putting chapters in there would make him feel like he is reading a lot in a couple sittings or so. BUT! I tend to get very detailed and write more and more. Adding descriptions to parts that won’t matter to a child so young. A little bit here and there was all I wanted, but then it became more and more and turned the story longer and longer that now I think I gave up trying to take parts out and just turning it into a YA read, lol. I need to go back and rewrite the parts that I already had illustrations for and fill it up appropriately. I guess. Lol. Oh, but it will be a fun story.

I call it The Origami Mage.

Isabella’s Big Adventure by Thuyen Nguyen


I want to start off by complimenting the illustrator, Poohpuu. I am absolutely in love with the art style. It is very cute and matches perfectly to the cute story.

On a 5-star rating: 5 stars

I find it important for children to have an awesome and child-like imagination. This character, Isabella, has a great skill of storytelling. I would love to see more children tell outrageous and fun stories like hers. I would totally purchase a couple of copies for a few young girls I know in hopes that they will take that idea and fly with it.

Isabella’s adventures were so random! And it was fantastic. My favorite part, though, was the line at the end. I rather not quote it and spoil anything, so I am just going to suggest you get a copy of Isabella’s Big Adventures if you get curious enough.

And I can’t get over the cover art. I want to blow it up in size and frame it and gift it to somebody! In my overall opinion, the story and art were good. It is a very short book, but I suppose a good length for little kids starting off to read whole books.You’ll come across a few big words, such as “pantomime” and “opportunity”, but hey, then and there they can learn those big words; What they mean and how to read/pronounce them. It is ALWAYS a win when children come out of a book having learned at least 1 new thing.