End of Watch by Stephen King



End of Watch is the third book to the Hodge’s trilogy. Unlike the second book, Finder’s Keepers, the story continues with the Mercedes killer in the first book, Mr. Mercedes. In this book, the story of the Mercedes killer comes to an end and fills me with content, sadness, and solace.

I gave the first two books 5 stars and this 3 because it is sort of slow. While just about every part of the book was relevant, funny, sad, messed up, or interesting, it was just a different pace than I was expecting.

It begins with the killer being in a coma. He is coming out of his coma and eludes any court trials for his crimes in the first book by faking coma. After roughly a year or so goes by he slowly realizes that he has mind control power. Eventually, it evolves into using that power through an old video game where while people are playing they become hypnotized and allows the killer to slip into their mind to commit suicide.

Though that is the synopsis of it, the story also includes the close friendship between Kermit, Holly, and Jerome. It is my most favorite thing about these books. Their relationships only grow stronger, closer, and more awesome! The ending… (oh, my heart…). They are friendship goals.

To the very end.


ATTN. AUTHORS! Great opportunity for free book cover artwork explained inside!

(The images above were not done for anyone. They were done out of pure boredom. Dirty Hipsters done recently and the other was done earlier this year (maybe Jan.?))

Hi and thanks for stopping by. I have, for a couple years now, been wanting to get some of my creative works onto book covers. Naturally, as a book nerd, I think it’s a very cool idea, but I never knew where to start.

So I am wanting to work with TWO writers to get a feel for the process. With this I hope to understand all the legalities, what I want in my contract, what I can expect from a writer’s contract, money transaction, and most of all how I can please my clients.

I understand that artists can charge more for revisions, but this will be completely free trials. I would also love feedback, of course, on the flow of our communication and my overall work. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM WILL ALWAYS BE WELCOME!

This will be purely for an educational experience.

*Whether or not you are reading this with the intent to contact me, advice, direction, and constructive criticism is still welcome.*

A little bit about my artistic background: I am fully self-taught. Everything I know about Photoshop I have been pushing myself to learn since around 2012-ish. I started out trying to be a family photographer. Long story short, I did not enjoy it much. There was too much demand and I liked doing things in my own way. The poses were too cheesy, I had to worry about the family’s attire (and sometimes they just won’t get it right), I was often around kids, and a lot of times people would expect me to give them a free session. I liked having model calls for creative portraiture. One day I realized that family photography was not for me. I love the creative stuff. I love great concepts. I have lots of old works practicing that creativity and I also have quite a few sketches of stuff I never got out to do. Some time last year or two years ago I took an interest in digital illustration. I am no artist where drawing is concerned, but since I love great concepts and HAVE TO get them down I go the simplistic route. The way I got into this, actually, was from not being able or having the motivation to go out and set up a shoot for my conceptual ideas. So instead I’ll draw them out. And in doing so I stopped limiting my imagination. I say “limit” because I always had to consider what I CAN/KNOW HOW to do/achieve on PS.

*Fun Fact: The pink-haired character in the above picture was a character I created for a book I was trying to. I sent my transcript to just one publishing company and that never went anywhere. So I guess I’m still figuring out her story 😛 And I just threw her in a picture of an abandoned house I found and photographed.

Whether you want art for a physical book or an ebook, I’m down to try and make something for you. If for whatever reason you decide not to use my art THAT IS TOTALLY FINE. I would thank you for giving me a chance and you may move on. If you are interested please email mandycane2008@hotmail.com with your info: A brief intro about yourself, your book, and (if you have one) a vision of what you would like your cover to look like. I can try to achieve your vision or create my own interpretation.

Thank you for your time! I look forward to future projects!



Finder’s Keepers (The second to the Bill Hodges Trilogy) by Stephen King


Good morning! I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

First of all, two words: STEPHEN KING.

Now then… it starts off intriguing. It instantly began with trying to get you to think and hope that what was going on went a different direction (at least I was). Oh, but it took a turn for the worst, lol, because of course.

Anyway, beyond that nerve wracking beginning, it was a steady pace of story lines and curiosity. I wouldn’t say it got boring, but I was just waiting for the crazy parts. But worry not, because crazy it got.

This story is different from the first. They don’t go hand-in-hand (if that would be the correct term…), but they do connect. If someone were to have started with Finder’s Keepers first rather than Mr. Mercedes (like I almost did, not knowing it was a trilogy at the time) then I don’t think any confusion would have been made. BUT it is better reading the first one first so that you understand the characters when they reminisce.

The very end makes me think that the next book will go back to the First Book character’s story. And I must say I am VERY excited to get to it. I believe it’s called End Of Watch. I’ve got to get it SOOOOON!

Currently reading Alone in Paris by Ashley Earley. A story that includes depression, suicide, and love. I am almost halfway through.

The Darkest Light by Ashley Earley/ Fortunately, the Milk… by Neil Gaiman


THE DARKEST LIGHT: 3 out of 5 stars!

For being Ashley Earley’s first published book it was good! What intrigued me to read this BEFORE her latest book, Alone In Paris (which is one of the books I plan to read this month, June) was that there was magic in it. The main character comes from two worlds: the world we live in and a world where a pure human will not find without the help of a magical being. Where there is a magical world, there are magical creatures. I was excited about that, except I felt like she wasn’t taking advantage of that. It could have been better in terms of battle scenes and grand landscapes and involvement with other magical beings and creatures, but I still was able to picture it all in my head as if I was watching a movie, which was a big plus. Now, where romance is involved, she’s got a real knack for that. My FAVORITE part and probably the only part that really touched me was the end where she discovers another love interest that could have been. Honestly, I had been waiting for that the whole way through and when I finally got it I was like “OOOH!!” *blushing* lol. THAT was a good part.

There were parts that seemed pretty repetitive and I thought I was reading a page over again. I don’t know what was up with that, I think she was just trying to get the characters’ points across, but it would confuse me whenever I would take a break from reading and then pick it up again. Or maybe it’s just me.

But overall, what I got from this is that she probably dreams of romance in the sweetest ways. And I can’t wait to get to Alone In Paris. Romance just might be her niche.


Fortunately, the Milk…: 5 out of 5 stars!! 

Oh, boy, where do I start…

I bought this book for my son quite a while ago hoping he’d read it on his own, which he never did (he was 6 at the time and now 7), so I started reading this to him at bedtime because I sort of really wanted to read this myself ( I LOVE NEIL GAIMAN), lol. So I’m reading, reading, reading, and my son and I got SO INTO IT! It is now one of his favorite books and one of my favorite books to recommend to my friends whether or not they have children.

It’s about a father. His kids tell him they need milk for their cereal, so he goes out for a walk to pick some up. The kids express that he is taking forever and when he finally comes back he’s got a good reason for it. AND THUS HIS STORY OF WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO HIM WHILE OUT GETTING THE MILK BEGINS!

They are quite exciting, funny, silly, and most impossible stories! My son has less than a handful of favorite books and this just made the list.

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King



This was a great start to the trilogy. 1. Mr. Mercedes 2. Finder’s Keepers 3. End of Watch.

This first one is about a retired detective trying to find a murderer. Detective Hodges was very good at what he did, but he never was able to catch a murderer who crashed a Mercedes into people who were just overnighting in a job fair line outside of a building years before he retired. This Mr. Mercedes man has some serious issues. He sends a letter to the retired detective writing how much he enjoyed it; How he was curious to see how it would make him feel; And how happy it made him to know that he killed a mother and her baby together. So, he’s got more work to do still.

Mr. Mercedes is a very sick mind, though he is your typical blends-into-society type of psycho. I finished this book some time last week so if I’m remembering correctly it ends on a decent note.

But this is just the beginning. I’m eager to read more!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE STEPHEN KING STORY? I plan on reading a bunch of his books this year and want to read the best ones.

NEW AND UNDISCOVERED AUTHORS!! I plan on reading a bunch from them, too. At the moment, I am reading Darkest Light by Ashley Earley. So if you have any suggestions for me on that feel free to list it in the comments!

Happy reading, bookworms.



5 out of 5 stars

This book is SO UPLIFTING.

Inside is a large compilation of real stories from real people. Personal experiences that really open your eyes and mind as you read. Each story seems to give me the same time of feeling; warmth in my heart and appreciation; yet, they are all unique.

I started this while waiting for another book to come in the mail, so I haven’t finished it yet. But, oh, it really captures your attention. If this is your type of genre, that is. One story so far got me close to crying! But I held onto those tears, lol. (I don’t like things making me cry. That is to include emotional animated movies!)

These [true] stories are so inspirational. Every time I put it down I feel like I walk away a better person. Or wanting to be a better person. I already knew that human beings can be amazing. But THESE human beings are pretty freaking UH-MAZING.

Prepare for your heart to be touched and just read it. This is good if you have some spare time. If you’re waiting in line at the doctor’s office or taking a bath or snuggled in bed and wanting a quick read (oh, ya, these are short stories…).

Would also make a great gift.

Blogging For Books has certainly delivered another great one ❤

Alone: Orphaned On the Ocean by Tere Duperrault Fassbender and Richard D. Logan


5 out of 5 STARS

A true story. A real experience. A young girl and her family, along with a family friend and his wife, went out on a sailing trip. The girl’s father has wanted this for a long time. Finally, he arranges this trip he’s dreamed of… but it turns into a complete nightmare. Tragedy strikes them all, done by one of the passengers. The young girl is lost at sea for four terrifying days and nights. When finally found, she returns to land and tells a completely different story that people have already been told from the other survivor.

This goes on to describe what the girl went through while alone on the ocean in a little life float; her sunburns, her dehydration, her psyche, her feelings, her thoughts.

It goes further into putting the real story together. It tells of how she’s dealt with it years after being found. It tells of her life after having “moved on” with her life, such as her living situation during the rest of her minor years, her relationships/marriages, friendships, and her kids.

I don’t want to go into detail about her experiences, because my words simply can’t do it justice. The events in this story kept my mind and heart in such a mess for her. I couldn’t help but wonder what my son would do in her situation, and I am so glad that a child could hold on to life so hard and escape all the hardships (for lack of a better word) and survive, physically and mentally! I give so much props to this child.

I can only wish and hope and pray that any child who comes into terrible situations that they would be able to flip a switch in their brain and handle it and take control and fight with everything they have, but that is not what happens to every child. It was so heartbreaking to imagine how scared she must have been. Hungry. Physically and mentally exhausted. Hurt.

Anyway, I read this for a book club thing (the very first book club anything…) and this was the book they chose for May… (it’s not May yet, lol). A little bit of my husband has rubbed off on me over the years and he doesn’t like anything that’ll make him sad. He stays away from that stuff. I have gotten to understand why and strayed away from those things as well (mainly speaking about movies). But it really wakes up your heart. To me, it’s good to feel this way once in a while. It’s almost like a reminder of what’s out there. Bad and unfortunate things happen and it’s crazy that we, the readers, get to go into depth of these real life situations, straight from the “victim”.

This was an absolute mind-gripping read.